South Australian Islamic Association Inc. (SAIA) Manifesto

The purpose of this manifesto is to determine the framework for attaining organizational objectives, which includes considering society’s needs in the decisions. Indeed, Allah (SWT) takes the work of the religion (Deen) from different people in various ways, one of which is through managing the affairs of His house, the Masjid. To serve a Masjid community is a privilege, which comes with great responsibility to serve the people and protect the sanctity of the House of Allah (SWT) from the interests of specific groups, peers or individuals.

As the primary religious institution, the SAIA has a greatest role in community building, and its success in performing this role is essential for the wellbeing of the community, particularly where Muslims live as minorities.

Our pledge:

Our mission is to foster and educate local communities in accordance with righteous adherence of Islam, and provide services to devoted individuals. The SAIA has pledged to;

  • Bring the community together as it acts as many things, a social centre, a community centre and an educational centre, as it has many events which welcome both old and new members of the community.
  • Weekly public conventions (open Question and Answers) with the community
  • Advisory council to oversee the elected committee’s work
  • Competency based volunteer base to support the association
  • External stakeholder (council, charity commission, etc) management

Youth Support:

The future of our Deen lies in the hands of our future generations holding onto their Imaan with understanding and conviction. True understanding of Islam will nurture a profound generation well versed in the Islamic way of life which encompasses excelling in Islamic development as well as conventional studies and to be the best in their chosen professions.

Community Outreach:

We have a responsibility to engage with the wider community to understand their issues and undertake our Islamic responsibility to contribute in constructive projects for the betterment of the society.

  • Da’wah & Interfaith activities
  • Reverts support program (amidst community members)
  • Promotes pro-life values in local families
  • Provision of services (charity, training, lectures, offering free meals)
  • Central hub for reaching out to elderly, disenfranchised, homeless and vulnerable in society in general
  • Regular activities for the physical neighbours of the masjid within half a mile radius
  • Supports South Australia by ‘shop local’ campaign by bringing the businesses and community together

Support SAIA campaign:

We need your support, donations and duas. Please help our local campaign to;

  • Help us to build local Masjid with your generous donations
  • Spread the word - inform your friends and family of the SAIA campaign
  • Attend our public awareness meetings
  • Let us know what you think; your opinion matters

South Australian Islamic Association's supportive members:

Following are the brief introductions of the executive members of the South Australian Islamic Association. Please feel free to contact the members individually if you require any further information

Rashid Ahmed


Rashid Ahmed migrated to South Australia. Being a president of SAIA, he is passionate about community engagement and collaboration for social and economic growth and integration of community in SAIA.

Junaid Ahmed


Junaid Ahmed migrated to South Australia in 2007 and he is serving the SAIA from last two years. He is managing the financial affairs of SAIA. He also ensures that his community group is able to extend its activities, resulting in greater benefits to the wider community.

Zeeshan Aslam


Zeeshan Aslam migrated to South Australia in 2009 and joined SAIA as secretary in 2017. He has extensive material testing laboratory management experience in public and private organization. Currently he is working for herbal Food and Pharmaceuiticals